Adidas Alpes International U19’s XD winners from France, Lucas Renoir & Téa Margueritte, won the title at European U19 Championships last week in Belgrad (Serbia).

The French pair was ranked N°4 but they had a glorious road to the final where they beat a Spanish pair n°6 during the 1/4 final then a Danish to reach the final. Saturday, they faced pair n°1 from Germany Schlevoigt/Meyer and they won in 2 straight games (21-6 ; 21-16). A great time in Serbia for the french players as they also won the silver medal in the Team Events.

Some well known faces from Alpes International U19 also shined during the tournament as Appenzeller/Amiguet from Switzerland got a bronze medal in WD or Alex Lanier (France), who was 14 when he reached the 1/2 finals at Voiron in 2019, grabed the gold medal and became U19 european champion.

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