The entry list for the ADIDAS Alpes International U19 2022 has been published and is available at

For selecting the players/pairs the BWF Junior International Tournament Entry and Seeding Ranking List from 08/03/2022 has been used.

Due to the large amount of entries received, the tournament will be played from Thursday 7th April as expected.

The provisional schedule is available here (update 15/03/2022)

BWF has confirmed that they will award World Junior Ranking Points to the ADIDAS Alpes International U19 2022. This will be through the same process as announced in the BWF memo to all Members. The points will be added to the World Junior Rankings but no points will be dropped from past weeks. This is to mitigate the impact on those players who were unable to enter and play due to various world travel restrictions.

If you want to withdraw one player before the deadline, please do it with the online system and the entry list will be updated accordingly.

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